Jedox GPU Accelerator on VMware


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Installation of Jedox GPU Accelerator in a VMware environment

Currently only NVIDIA Tesla C20XX and M20XX cards are supported by VMware to use PCI Passthrough, which is required to install the Jedox GPU Accelerator in a VMware environment. The support of newer NVIDIA Tesla generations may follow. Please contact VMware for more information.

1.) BIOS Preparation
Enable Intel’s Virtualization Tech and VT-d Configuration, I/O Virtualization Tech, and PCI MMIO options in BIOS. The exact names vary from BIOS to BIOS and can be found in the mainboard manual.


I/O Virtualization -> SR-IOV Supported:


Intel VT-d Configuration -> Intel VT-d:


Intel (R) Virtualization Tech:


PCI MMIO 64 Bits Support:


2.) Installation of VMware Hypervisor (ESXi)
Download and install the VMware Hypervisor (ESXi) according to:
After ESXi is installed, the IP / host name of your ESXi server is displayed on the default screen of ESXi.

3.) Installation of VMware vSphere
Download and install vSphere according to:
After the installation, connect to the ESXi server and add a new VM with your desired operating system and hardware settings.

4.) Configure PCI Passthrough in vSphere
Add PCI devices in vSphere:
Hardware → Advanced Settings → Edit

In the following list, select all NVIDIA Tesla cards that should be used for the Jedox GPU Accelerator in a VM.

The selected devices are now available for each VM and can be added to a VM via “Add → PCI-Device”.
If there’s a yellow exclamation mark next to a device, a restart of the ESXi server is required.

5.) Install NVIDIA driver in the VM’s operating system
Install the driver in the VM as you would on a bare-metal machine and check via nvidia-smi if all added devices are available in the VM.

Jedox measurements showed up to 60% less performance when running Jedox on VM vs. running on the same bare-metal host (see Jedox Guideline for Virtualization).

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