Formatting Cells in Excel Add-in


Jedox Excel Add-in comes with a number of preset styles for data display. Click Edit View to open the Paste View dialog, then click on the Options tab.

You can customize these preset styles. For example, you can control the display of decimal places of numbers or the background color of the view. Below is a description for changing decimal places in the Jedox style White. The other style sheets jedoxstyles_*.xls can be changed similarly.

Note: we recommend that you make a backup of the existing style template before making any changes.

  1. Open the file  <install_path>\xladdin\styles\view\jedoxstyles_White.xlsx. The following worksheet is displayed:
  2. To change decimal places for data go to the Styles area of the Excel Ribbon and right-click the _data style.
  3. Click Modify… in the context menu (see screenshot below):
  4. On the next dialog, click the Format button to open the Format Cells dialog.
  5. In the Number tab, change the number format to 2 decimal places.
  6. Save the file jedoxstyles_White.xlsx.

After saving, the changes are applied immediately for each new view with this style.

Note: the style _freeze is the defined style for locked OLAP cells (i.e., cells that cannot be changed by users).

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