Jedox Component Versions


There are various ways to check the Jedox Component versions. This information is useful for confirming whether a component is currently supported. See Support Lifecycle for more information.

Jedox Web

In Jedox Web, you can access more information by clicking the button at the bottom of the Navigation panel. The About window opens, showing you information about the components:

Excel Add-in

In Excel Add-in, go to About Jedox menu item.

The following dialog window opens:

You can see the Excel Add-in version displayed at the top of the dialog window. Click About Jedox Excel Add-in for additional information. The following dialog is displayed:

Log files

The log files provide information for each separate component. The default paths to the log files are:

  • Windows: ..\Jedox\Jedox Suite\log
  • Linux: ../Jedox/ps/log

The information regarding the component version is printed in the log file, each time you start the service. Be aware that the versions printed throughout the log file can be different depending on the age of the file and whether you installed updates/hotfixes since the system started printing into those files. For example, in the olap_server log file for Windows, an entry showing you the component version looks like the one below:

2019-09-23 15:56:27 INFO: [system] starting Jedox OLAP 19.3.5 (10286.24)

Note: The Jedox Web UI version does not change when you apply a hotfix.