Jedox Cloud Events


Scheduled maintenance

Started the update process for Internal, Proof of Concept and Partner machines to 2018.3.

Preparing for update of client certificates for Jedox Cloud, to be done during August and September

Unscheduled maintenance

Previous events:

04.09.2018 – Our Infrastructure provider Microsoft Azure experienced some issues in the data center from the South Central US region:

CUSTOMER IMPACT: There are currently three identified impact workstreams. Starting at 09:29 UTC on 04 Sep 2018:
1) Customers with resources in South Central US may experience difficulties connecting to resources hosted in this region. A complete list of impacted services can be found below.
2) Customers using some non-regional services may experience intermittent failures in multiple regions. Azure Active Directory (AAD) has reported mitigation.
3) Customers may encounter errors when provisioning new subscriptions.
PRELIMINARY ROOT CAUSE: A severe weather event, including lightning strikes, occurred near one of the South Central US datacenters. This resulted in a power voltage increase that impacted cooling systems. Automated datacenter procedures to ensure data and hardware integrity went into effect and critical hardware entered a structured power down process.
ENGINEERING STATUS: Engineers are prioritizing the restoration of Storage resources in order to recover all services with dependencies on these impacted resources.  As storage mitigation continues to progress, a necessary extended mitigation phase is required. The current mitigation workflow is outlined below:
1) Restore power to the South Central US datacenter (COMPLETED)
2) Recover software load balancers for Azure Storage scale units in South Central US (COMPLETED)
3) Recover impacted Azure Storage scale units in South Central US. (In Progress)
4) Recover the remaining Storage-dependent services in South Central US (In Progress)

All Jedox infrastructure in the South Central US region have recovered until 21:20 UTC 04 Sep 2018.