Changes to Jedox Cloud in 2020


Jedox Cloud is changing

From the release of 2020.1, we are upgrading the way we deploy our Cloud infrastructure. This change is making Jedox Cloud even more scalable, responsive, and enterprise ready. We are in the process of migrating our Cloud customers to this new infrastructure. The Jedox Cloud team will be in contact with you before and during any migration to explain in detail what it means for you and your Jedox system. See Technical Changes for Cloud Users for more detailed documentation.

Here are a few common questions and answers about the migration process:

What is the process for upgrading?

You will be contacted by the Jedox Cloud team to organize a suitable time and date for the upgrade to take place. Generally, the upgrade will not affect Jedox models and user data, but there are some exceptions. Please review the technical changes for users for specific issues that may affect your models. We will ensure the time frame does not disrupt your planning and reporting processes.

What is Jedox’s time frame for the Cloud upgrade?

The Cloud infrastructure upgrade is scheduled to be a rolling process over the next 6-9 months, until all Cloud customers have been migrated.

Why is Jedox doing this?

As well as ensuring that Jedox software is constantly improved and updated, it is just as critical that we constantly improve the infrastructure platform that underpins Jedox Cloud. The upgrade will ensure much better scalability, speed, security and redundancy.

Exactly what is changing?

We are migrating Jedox Cloud infrastructure from heavy use of virtual machines to a modern, cloud-native microservices architecture. It involves deploying and managing Jedox containerized applications inside Kubernetes, with continuous integration, delivery, and deployment experience, as well as highly scalable, resilient, enterprise-grade security and governance.

I have not been contacted by Jedox Support about this. What do I do?

Nothing. Your model will work as normal. Nothing will change on your model or infrastructure until we have started the process, which includes contacting you directly.

Will the performance of my model change?

We are ensuring that your system will at least have the same performance as the existing infrastructure it runs on. We perform tests to check this as part of the upgrade, but every model is variable and specific so we will need your help in testing the model after the upgrade. In the unlikely event that you experience performance degradation, please contact the Cloud Support team directly.

Questions? Contact us directly at Cloud Support by raising a ticket in the support portal.