Jedox Cloud Trial


Jedox Cloud provides you with fast and complete Business Intelligence and Performance Management. Within the Jedox Cloud you can enjoy full Jedox functionality on-demand. Here we describe how you can use the Jedox Cloud free 14-day trial.

Starting your Jedox Cloud 14-day trial

At the Jedox website,  use on the right the button Trial to go to Jedox Cloud Trial.

On the site Free Software Trial click the button Start Cloud Trial in the field „Jedox Cloud“.

Please enter your data in the following dialog window and press the button „SIGN UP“:

You will receive your „Jedox Cloud Trial“ version with the opened tab „Cloud Homepage“:

Now you can use your „Jedox Cloud Trial“ for 14 days. If you are familiar with Jedox, you can close the tab „Cloud Homepage“, if not, you can use and check the offers on this tab.

In addition, you will receive following email:

Please click the button “Open Jedox Cloud” in this email to verify your entered email address as your Jedox Cloud ID.

Using the configuration string in this email

In the email you receive the configuration string to use Jedox Cloud Trial environment from Microsoft Excel. For this please start Jedox Connection Wizard and press the button „Add Connection“:

Then copy the received configuration string into the clipboard. The Jedox Connection Wizard will recognize this and fill out the dialog with the corresponding parameters:

Changing the password of your Jedox Cloud account

You are the user “admin” and therefore you can enter a new password in Jedox Web in panel “Administration” without knowing the current password:

Select there the user “admin” in “Users”, set a new password and save it. Remember that you have to use the new password also for the connection of Excel Add-in to Jedox Web, i.e. the password delivered with the configuration string will not work afterwards.