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Jedox Cloud provides you with fast and complete Business Intelligence and Performance Management. Within the Jedox Cloud you can enjoy full Jedox functionality on-demand. Here we describe how you can use the Jedox Cloud free 14-day trial.

Starting your Jedox Cloud 14-day trial

At the Jedox website,  use the top navigation bar to go to Product → Jedox Cloud.

In the first dialog the fields with * are required:

After your registration, you will receive an email with a link to activate your personal Cloud instance. This link confirms your email and opens the initial Cloud Console, which has two tabs, Overview and Settings.

Overview tab:

Settings tab:

Select the desired language and the nearest location for your cloud instance. After creating your cloud instance (average time for creation is 2 hours), you will receive a second email with a link to log in as user with administrator privileges. With this account, you will be able to explore the full feature set of Jedox: manage OLAP models, develop applications, manage your ETL processes, connections and users and publish reports to your end users.

Alternatively you can also use your Jedox Cloud Trial environment from Microsoft Excel. If you want to view and create your own Excel reports and OLAP models via the Excel interface, configure the Excel Add-in accordingly (Host:, Port: 7777, Username: admin, Password: <use password you provided at registration>).

Example Login address:

You will receive your “Sign in” window:
After login, the first screen provides links to tutorials, sample reports, and training:


Cloud Console

Once your cloud instance is activated, you can log on and see the full Jedox Cloud Console with its three tabs, Overview, Machine Data, and Settings. You will start at the Overview tab:The RESTART button restarts the services of your Jedox Cloud instance. If you have received an error message or experienced other abnormal behavior while using Jedox Cloud, you can use this button as first effort to set things straight.

The EXTEND button sends a request to Jedox to extend your trial period. Generally, you can expect to receive an additional 7 days. If your Cloud instance has expired, you will see a “Create One” button, which will help you to create a new Demo Cloud instance without registering anew.

 After your Cloud instance is activated, you will find the tab “Machine Data” with your host values:

At the bottom right are the following buttons:

  • Copy to Excel
  • Show your password and your security token

After clicking the button “Copy to Excel” use “CTRL+V” to copy the created value to your clipboard:

Afterwards, you can paste it from your clipboard into the Cloud Connection Wizard in the Excel Add-in:

Instead of entering an email address and password as shown in the screenshot above, you can click Next and in the following dialog paste the copied value with “CTRL+V” or with blue “Paste data from clipboard” button:

Click Finish to establish your Excel connection in the specified Cloud instance.

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