Installing Jedox Mobile Client


Installation for Apple iOS Devices (iPad/iPhone)

To install Jedox Mobile for Apple iOS devices, either connect the device with the Apple iTunes App Store running on your computer and install the Jedox Mobile App in iTunes (with subsequent synchronization).
This requires an Apple iTunes ID.

Or you can follow our link on the Jedox homepage in the Jedox Mobile section or manually search for Jedox Mobile in the Apple AppStore.

After the installation you will find the new Jedox icon on your iPad. Then new versions of Jedox Mobile can always be updated via the Apple AppStore.


Installation for Android Devices (Phone/Tablet)

To install Jedox Mobile for Android devices, connect the phone with Google Play. This requires a Google account.

To find the application please use our link on the Jedox homepage or search for Jedox Mobile in the Play Store.

After the installation you will find the new Jedox Mobile icon on your device. New versions of Jedox Mobile can be updated with Google Play.

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