Installation of Premium Models


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Besides free Models, the Marketplace also offers Premium Models, which require a specific license to be in place before they can be installed and used. The model will only be usable for as long as the license is present and valid. Like licenses for the Jedox Platform, licenses for models, once obtained, are managed via the Licenses section in the Administration component of Jedox Web.

Licenses for Models are always bound to a specific platform license of Jedox. The model, once installed with that license, cannot be moved to a platform using a different license key, and the Model license itself can also only be activated in the environment where this platform license is used.

Trial licenses for Models

If your Jedox environment can reach the Jedox Marketplace, you can install a Premium Model directly from the Marketplace within Jedox. If no license is in place for the model yet, it will automatically be generated and activated as part of the installation. The trial will run for 14 days. After the trial period has expired, it will not be possible to generate a new trial for this platform installation, even if the previous trial license has been deleted.

A trial is also possible if your Jedox environment cannot access the Jedox Marketplace directly. Please use the Contact Me form for the specific model in this case.

Activating Model licenses

If you purchased a Model license or received a trial license after contacting Jedox, the activation procedure for this Model license works in the same way as the activation of platform licenses. To activate a Model license, first, open the section Licenses in the Administration panel of Jedox Web. Next, select the platform license in the list for which your Model license has been generated. Afterwards, expand the Add License toolbar menu, and select Add Model License.

A popup asking for the Model license key will be shown. Enter (or paste) the model license key you received here, and then select the activation procedure. The procedures are similar to activation of a platform license, as described in the article License activation in Jedox.

If you already have a trial license for the model in place and are upgrading this one to a full license, the activation procedure will automatically recognize this and modify the runtime of your existing license accordingly.