Inserting Credentials in the Jedox AIssisted™ Planning Model


Once you have downloaded the AIssisted Planning Model, you may see the following button on the Start Page:

This means you need to insert license key credentials in order to access the AIssisted Planning services. If you do not have credentials yet, contact your Jedox Sales Representative or Jedox Partner Manager. 

If you already have credentials, navigate to Jedox Administration and double-click on Settings. From there, choose AIssisted™ Planning and open the System folder underneath it. 

Double-click on a key or select it and click on Edit key on the toolbar to fill in the corresponding values from your credentials file. See below for a set of sample keys: 

Note: if you have a port number at the end of your AIssisted URL (e.g., remove the colon and this number (e.g. :12800), and insert the number into the aissisted_port key in the System Settings. 

Once your license keys are filled in, the Get License button on the AIssisted Planning Model should disappear, and you will be ready to begin working with the wizards.