Increasing Print Quality of Widgets in PDFs


You can improve the print quality of widgets in PDFs. To do so, open “Settings” in the  Administration panel of Jedox Web and click “Add Key”. Name the key spreadsheet.widget.print_quality_factor and set “float” as type. The default value for the key is 1.0. For higher print quality, you can increase this value.

Values higher than 3.0 will achieve very minimal changes. When increasing the factor, the size of the output PDF file will also increase.

Please note that the print quality also depends on the content of the widget, the page setup settings, the PDF viewer, and possibly the printer.

Note: Jedox does not support ECMAScript 6 syntax (such as arrow functions) for PDF export of JavaScript-based widgets.

Widget functions parent.startWait() and parent.stopWait()

The widget functions parent.startWait() and parent.stopWait() can be used in scenarios in which a widget requires too much time to be shown properly in a PDF. In these scenarios, you can make the PDF renderer wait until the widget is fully rendered from the widget code itself. The function parent.startWait() is called as the first function inside the _exec function. The function parent.stopWait() is then called once the widget has finished rendering. Depending on the application, the function may require an additional timeout, as in the example below:

setTimeout(function () {
}, 3000);