Increasing Print Quality of Widgets in PDFs


You can improve the print quality of widgets in PDFs. To do so, go to Administration>Settings>Advanced settings and click Add key. Fill in the ADD KEY dialog as shown below.

For higher print quality, you can increase the Value setting, but note that values higher than 3.0 will achieve very minimal changes. When increasing the factor, the size of the output PDF file will also increase. Print quality also depends on the content of the widget, the page setup settings, the PDF viewer, and possibly the printer.

For dynamic content, such as dynamic charts or widgets, Jedox Web requires a browser engine on the server. By default, Chromium is included in the setup and used. Phantomjs is also supported but not recommended. It can be defined in \tomcat\webapps\hlbrowser\WEB-INF\classes\ by replacing the default value (chrome) to phantomjs.

Note: Jedox supports ECMAScript 6 syntax (such as arrow functions) for PDF export of JavaScript-based widgets when Chromium is used.