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The Jedox Human Resources model is a powerful tool for planning, analyzing and reporting all types of personnel costs. It features incremental planning with headcounts and FTEs as well as planning for salary or wage raises, and calculation of non-wage labor costs. The Jedox role concept and user management help you effectively govern viewing permissions and writing privileges. Jedox Models are highly configurable best-practice applications that easily integrate with each other. Data can be imported from source systems or entered manually.

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Technical Documentation



Personnel Costs Cube

Personnel Cost Parameters Cube

_WF Task Dimension

_WF Activity Dimension

_WF Task Definition Cube

_WF Task Assignments (Cost Center) Cube

_WF Task Status (Cost Center) Cube


Business Logic

Version Blending

KPI Calculations (by Version) for Personnel Costs Cube

Previous Year

Semi-Additive Measures (Human Resources Model)

Workflow in the Human Resources Model


Human Resources Actual

Human Resources Mid-Term Planning

Human Resources Headcount

Human Resources Wages & Salaries

Human Resources Parameters

Human Resources Non-Wage Labor Costs

Human Resources Legal Entity Breakdown

Human Resources Time Series

Administration Reports

Legal Entity Administration Report

Workflow Administration


Getting Started with the Human Resources Model

Setting Up the Human Resources Model


Personnel Costs Cube

Employee Dimension

Cost Center Dimension

Personnel Costs_measure Dimension

Personnel Cost Parameters Cube

Employee Category Dimension


Configuring Design Elements

Version Dimension

Month Dimension

Legal Entity Dimension

Assigning Activities to User Groups