Switch Function


This function allows the definition of a complex condition to determine the function value. It should avoid the usage of script-based functions such as Groovy or JavaScript, which contain mainly IF and CASE statements.

The condition is applied to one particular column (i.e. input field) of the data source.

Several switch conditions can be defined as follows:

Filter type

accept: all nodes that fulfill the filter criteria are included in the selection.

deny: all nodes that fulfill the filter criteria are excluded from the selection.


equal: only the specified elements are filtered. Example: Austria

inAlphaRange: alphanumerical values in a particular range are filtered. Examples include:

  • inclusive Range [A100,A200]”
  • exclusive Range: “(A100,A200)”
  • half-open interval: “[A100,)”
  • half-open interval: “(,A100)”

isEmpty: empty values (blank, space, or multiple space values).

like: filters the dimension elements according to regular expressions.




The resulting value if the condition applies. It can be defined either as a constant or dynamically as a reference to a further source column.