Filtering with SAP Connector


The definition of filters is identical for the SAPBIMaster, SAPBIDataStore, and SAPBICube extracts. Filtering criteria can be defined for any of the InfoObjects. The projects are extracted according to a query filter on the WBS project definition name with a filter definition:

  • Filter type: accept or deny. With deny, the condition is negated.
  • Filter operator
  • Filter value
Filter Operators
bt Between. A filter range has to be specified in the Field Value. Example: [2006,2010]

Contains pattern. A string comparison is done with a pattern specified in the filter value. The projects are accepted which match the pattern. You can use the following wildcard characters in the pattern:

*: for a sequence of any characters (including spaces)
+: for a single character.

Example: 51*

eq Equal (=)
ge Greater than or equal to (>=)
gt Greater (>)
le Lower than or equal to (<=)
lt Lower (<)
ne Not equal (<>)

Note: the filtering on patterns work differently than in extract SAPTable. The operator is cp (instead of like), wild card symbols are * and + (instead of % and _). The reason for this is that SAPTable logic is based on SAP Open SQL standard and the other extracts are based on standards used in SAP BAPIs.