File and Folder Settings in Jedox Web

Changing the default storage path for root folders

When creating a new root folder in the component Report Designer of Jedox Web, a default file system path for the location of the directory on the server is automatically suggested. On Windows installations, the default path is the same as the path specified for the “storage” directory during installation.

This default path can be changed in the panel Administration of Jedox Web under Settings>Studio>Files by adjusting the value of the def_storage_path key.


Note that changing this setting will not influence the location of existing root folders. It will only be used when the next root folder is created.

Changing the default size limit for file import

In Report Designer, the default maximum size of uploaded files is 128 megabytes.This value can be changed in the configuration file php.ini, located in <Jedox directory>\httpd\php\php.ini (Windows) or /opt/jedox/ps/etc/php.ini  (Linux).

Use the following parameters:


You must restart the Jedox-HTTP service after making changes in php.ini.