Extracts Overview


Extracts are the second step in an Jedox Integrator process. With extracts, you can determine which data are taken from the source systems (data sources). The data to be extracted (an extract) is defined via the connection with the source, or it is statically defined or generated dynamically within Jedox Integrator.

The extract types can be differentiated by their original structures:

Table as source This is a “classic” data source with columns and lines. A column can represent a field in a relational table and a line the data entry
Tree as source This is a hierarchically structured data source with the elements, consolidations, and weight and attribute information. Examples for tree sources are extract types dimension, tree, and calendar. For data preview and for referencing in a transform, the tree format has to be indicated. This defines in which way the tree is rendered to a table.

See also Overview of Tree Formats

Extractions from Designer files in Jedox Web

In all file-based connection types (File, XmlFile and ExcelFile), the URL of the file in the Jedox Web Designer can be entered as a filename. To extract data from CSV, XML, or XLSX files, you can use the Import Wizard in the Designer for the import. The URL target of the file can be copied from the Designer under Properties→Link. It has to include the credentials.