SAPBIDataStore Extract


This extract retrieves transactional data stored in Data Store Objects (DSO). A DSO is an architectural component of a SAP BW system with a flat structure (flat table) and no star schema concept, such as InfoCubes. It generally contains granular data on a highly detailed level necessary for line item reporting. During the staging process, it is loaded before InfoCubes.

Note: with this extract type, it is not possible to extract data from SAP Advanced DataStore Objects (ADSO) of a SAP BW on a HANA system. This can be done by using a SAPHana connection and a Relational extract by generating the corresponding SAP HANA views.


Main settings
Connection Name of the SAP connection.
Datastore Name of the Data Store Object
Filter Filtering criteria for each field of the DSO (optional). The filtering criteria are described in the article Filtering with SAP Connector.
Export data fields Fields of the DSO that are extracted. Key fields and data fields are handled in the same way.
Advanced settings

Bulk size

Size of blocks for Jedox In-Memory DB Server write requests.

Use caching

Memory, disk, or none (default). See Caching in Extracts.