SAPBICube Extract


With this extract, the transactional data stored in a SAP BW Infocube can be extracted and aggregated on the specified detail level. Note: it is not possible to extract data from MultiProviders in SAP BW.

Main settings
Connection Name of the SAP Connection.
Query cube Name of the Query cube.
Filter Filtering criteria for each field of the Query cube (optional). See Filtering with SAP Connector.

The characteristics that are extracted from the Infocube. This defines the detail level on which the result is aggregated.

Note: The response time of the extract gets longer with higher detail level, such as increasing number of characteristics. If no characteristic is specified, one row is returned with the globally aggregated key figure values.

Key Figures

The key figures of the Infocube that are extracted. Each key figure is returned in a separate column in the result. The aggregation level can be defined individually on each key figure. Possible values are sum (default), max, and min.
Advanced settings
Date Optional date for the cube extraction. The date has to be specified in the format: yyyyMMdd
Alpha conversion If this option is set, the conversion will be applied for all characteristics with Alpha Conversion active. That means leading “0”s are removed if the name consists only of digits.
Bulk size Size of blocks for OLAP Server write requests.
Use caching Memory, disk, or none (default). See Caching in Extracts.