Rule Extract


With this extract, rules can be extracted from a particular cube or defined directly in Jedox Integrator.

Mode Options
Extract from Cube: The Jedox OLAP connection and the cube from which the rules are to be extracted must be entered.
Manual Definition: Each rule must be defined as in the Jedox OLAP database, with the rule definition, an optional comment, and an active parameter (true/false). The latter indicates whether the rule should be activated or deactivated after the load.

Note: in the case of a Manual definition, you can write a rule in the Rule extract. It is important to use the correct syntax used by the OLAP Server.

Example: if you add a rule like this:

[‘Turnover’] = C:[‘Units’]/100.

The OLAP Server will change this Rule using the right syntax into:

[‘Turnover’] = C:[‘Units’] / 100.

If you use this as a source in a rule load with INSERT mode, then the rule will be added as a new rule, because it is not the same as in OLAP. Therefore, it is better to create the rule in the Rule Editor and copy the definition with correct syntax to the Rule Extract.