JSON Extract


This extract is used to read data from JSON files and Web Services. A JsonFile connection type is needed. The extract definition uses JSONPath language, which is a standard query language for selecting nodes from a JSON document. You can find more information on JSONPath at http://goessner.net/articles/JsonPath/.

The location is an JSONPath expression that defines the root or anchor element of the JSON document under which the data are read. You can then define as many JSONPath expressions as you want;  each expression will define a column of the extract output. For each column, a name and a default value can be defined. All space, multiple space, or null values will be mapped to this default value.

Under “Advanced Settings” you have the option to use caching for none (default), memory, or disk. See Caching in Extracts for more information.

Sample JSON Extract

You can take a look at the Jedox Integrator sample “sampleJSON”: