Constant Tree Extract


The Constant Tree extract allows the modeling of a dimension with relatively few elements, e.g. the Measures dimension, directly in the Jedox Integrator web client. No connection to a source system is necessary. To create a new element, simply click on “Add row” and a new row will be displayed in the table. Double-click on the new row to fill in the fields.

Constant value options are described below:


The level from 1 to n of the element.


The name of the element.


The weight of the consolidation in the tree’s parent element (standard: 1.0). This is possible for all elements except the top element.

Node type

The data type of the element. The possible values are “N” for numeric or “S” for string” (default is numeric). The data type determines the type of values in the cube that can be entered for this dimension element.

Additional columns for attributes

A list of the attribute values for this dimension element (optional).

The parent-child relation between elements in the tree is inferred implicitly; for every element (or row), the first preceding element with a lower “level” value is defined as the parent element.

Constant Tree is the successor of Tree extract in older versions of Jedox Integrator.