Exchange Rates Report


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These reports offer inspection and maintenance of monthly exchange rates. The reports display values stored in the Exchange Rates cube. For information on importing exchange rates from an external source, see Import Exchange Rates Report.






Version dimension



Elements matching the pattern yyyy or FYyyyy of Month dimension

Target Currency


Base-level elements on level 2 under All Target Currencies of the Target Currency dimension. These elements consist of three uppercase letters, with the exception of XXX.

Conversion Type

Selection of one conversion type, or All Conversion Types to show all conversion types at once.

Conversion Type dimension, with the exception of the elements Unassigned, Historic, and ~.

Import Exchange Rates

Hyperlink to report to run import interfaces

Opens Administration Reports/Import Exchange Rates.wss

Jan … Dec

Month in the selected year

Base-level descendants of selection Year in Month dimension.

Row label

ISO code of the currency. The localized name is shown as a tooltip when hovering the mouse cursor over the information symbol.   

Next to this, the localized name of one or all selected conversion types is shown.

Currency dimension, descendants of All Currencies on level 1 or 2 consisting of three uppercase letters (excluding XXX).

Attribute Name.
If Conversion Type is set to All Conversion Types, then all children of this element (except for ~) are shown. Otherwise only the selected conversion type is shown.

Micro chart

Overview of the annual development. Useful to detect extreme deviations (e.g. because of a misplaced decimal separator or missing values)

Measure Exchange Rate from Exchange Rates cube.


Exchange rate as equivalent of one unit of the target currency.

Measure Exchange Rate from Exchange Rates cube.