IN PREVIEW: Excel Add-in Setup


The new Excel Add-in Setup simplifies the installation process by installing only the Excel and Office Add-ins 1), without the rest of Jedox Suite. Note: this feature is in preview.

You can get the Setup file with a Cloud trial or by downloading it from our website.

Getting the setup file from a Cloud Trial

From a Jedox Cloud, click the green button in your Cloud demo to get started.

Downloading the setup file from

From the Jedox downloads page, select the option for Excel Add-in:

Standard Installation

An active internet connection is required for installation. To install Excel Add-in, simply double-click the setup file and follow the prompts from the Setup Wizard.

The default installation path is C:\Program Files(86)\Jedox\Jedox Clients.

Silent Installation

For unattended/automatic installation, you can use the following terminal commands and parameters:

JedoxExcelSetup.exe /silent Starts a silent installation where only the installation progress is shown. When the installation is finished, the Setup closes.
JedoxExcelSetup.exe /verysilent Starts a silent installation where no window is displayed. When the installation is finished, the setup closes.
/installationpath {PATH}

Allows you to change the installation directory. E.g:

JedoxExcelSetup.exe /silent /installationpath “C:\Program Files\Jedox”

/cert {PATH} 

Rolls out the given client certificate to encrypt the connection to Jedox WebE.g: 

JedoxExcelSetup.exe /silent /cert client.pem 

For more information see 

Changing the default connections

By default, the Setup creates a connection file for the Excel Add-in. The file does not contain any data. You can change the connection file by using the following command:

The /connectionspath parameter can be used together with /silent or /verysilent.

The content of the connections.json file should look as follows:

Parameter Description
Name The display name of the connection
Address The Domain or IP address of the server
Username Your Jedox Web username
Password Your Jedox Web password (encrypted using AES 256bit cbc)
Token The CFG_SECRET token of Jedox Web, secured with the above encryption. For on-premises installations, this entry can be found in Jedox Suite\httpd\app\etc\config.php
WebPort The port of the Jedox Web server
OlapPort The port of the OLAP server

If true, the connection is made automatically upon login. If false, the connection must be manually enabled in the Connection Wizard

AuthenticationMode 0 = Username and password
1 = Windows authentication
2 = SAML authentication

1) This setup deletes the registry keys for the deprecated Jedox Excel Add-in Import wizard and the associated ODBC component. If you reinstall Jedox with an older setup to use these components, the corresponding registry keys will be added with their default values.