Excel Add-in Installation (Client Only)


For Jedox users who are accessing the In-Memory DB from a client computer using Excel, the advanced setup should be selected during installation. The following steps describe this process. For large-scale installations, see Silent Setup for Automated Software Distribution.

Note: the Excel Add-in client must be the same release number as the Jedox server.

Step 1Download and run the current Jedox Setup file for Windows. Select the language for installation:

Step 2 – Jedox Setup Wizard Welcome Screen.

Step 3 – License Agreement:

Step 4 – Setup type
If setup has not detected a Jedox installation on the computer:

Choose Advanced setup from the next screen and click Next.

If setup has detected a Jedox installation on the computer:

Choose the type of setup you prefer:

  • Repair / Update
    (Displays the previously installed components and allows a new selection of components.)
  • Delete
    Uninstalls the existing Jedox installation and then quits the setup.

Step 5 – At the next screen, select Jedox Excel Add-in and, if desired, Office Add-in.

Step 6 – Select the destination directory for the installation.

Step 7 – Definition of the user access:

  • Anyone who uses this computer (all users)
  • Only for the current user

Step 8 – Option to disable the Modeler for Jedox Excel Add-in. This option prevents the user from changing databases. This option is unchecked by default.

Step 9 – Select the folder for Jedox log files.

Step 10 – Enter a valid Jedox Web Server connection, then click the Test button to test the connection. If the connection is valid, click Next.

Step 11 – Enter the user’s connection credentials and select Windows Authentication, if desired. For more information on Windows Authentication, see SSO Overview. Click Next to complete the installation.


Step 12 – Final options

  • Updates
    Subscription of update information.
  • Install / Overwrite Demo Data
    (in „Default setup“ this option is not shown and will be always set as „checked“)

    Install Demo Data: Option if demo data installation does not exist.

    Overwrite Demo Data: Option if demo data installation does already exist.

    If this option is set, the following demo data will be reinstalled: the database “Demo”, the database “Biker”, the folder group “Demo spreadsheets” and the report group “Demo Reports”.
    Note: the folder group and the report group are matched to an internal identifier, so they will be overwritten even if they had been renamed previously. Any changes made to these contents will be lost during the update, so you should only use this option if you have not re-used the mentioned structures for custom contents
  • Enable GPU Accelerator (in „Default setup“ this option is not shown and will be always set as „unchecked“).
    If a suitable graphics card is available, you can activate the GPU acceleration for the Jedox In-Memory DB Server. You can find the requirements in the corresponding Knowledge Base article.
  • Enable Drilldown in Supervision Server
    When you enable Drilldown functionality, the corresponding files (palo.ini and sep.inc.php) will be adjusted accordingly. In sep.inc.php will be included ‘./sample_scripts/sep.inc.drill_through.php’ instead of ‘./sample_scripts/sep.inc.default.php’.