Excel Add-in Installation (Client Only)


For Jedox users who are accessing the In-Memory DB from a client computer using Excel, advanced setup should be selected during installation. The following steps describe this process. For large-scale installations, see Silent Setup for Automated Software Distribution.

Note: the Excel Add-in client must be the same release number as the Jedox server.

Step 1Download and run the current Jedox Setup file for Windows. Select the language for installation:

Step 2 – Jedox Setup Wizard:

Step 3 – License Agreement:

Step 4 – Setup type
If setup has not detected a Jedox installation on the computer:

Choose Advanced setup from the next screen and click Next.

If setup has detected a Jedox installation on the computer:

Choose the type of setup you prefer:

  • Repair / Update
    (Displays the previously installed components and allows a new selection of components.)
  • Delete
    Uninstalls the existing Jedox installation and then quits the setup.

Step 5 – At the next screen, select Jedox Excel Add-in and, if desired, Office Add-in.

Step 6 – Select the destination directory for the installation.

Step 7 – Definition of the user access:

  • Anyone who uses this computer (all users)
  • Only for the current user

Step 8 – Option to disable the Import Wizard and the Modeler for Jedox Excel Add-in. This option prevents the user from writing to the database. This option is unchecked by default.

Step 9 – Enter a valid Jedox Web Server connection, then click the Test button to test the connection. If the connection is valid, click Next.

Step 10 – Enter the user’s connection credentials and select Windows Authentication, if desired. For more information on Windows Authentication, see SSO Overview. Click Next to complete installation.