Import to Rename Elements


If you want to rename larger quantities of elements, using the Modeler will prove to be too time-consuming. For this purpose, you can use the PALO.ERENAME function. This is another function that should only be used with the Import Wizard.

Use the same “Demo” database as with the Deletion of elements article. This database should contain a dimension called “Customers” with the elements “Customers1” to “Customers6”.  “Customer1” should be renamed to “Miller” and “Customer6” to “Smith”.

Now use the same procedure as for deleting elements. Open a blank Excel worksheet, and enter the names “Customer1” and “Miller”, “Customer6” and “Smith”. The worksheet should appear as follows:

Now save the worksheet as a text file. Name the file “Rename elements.txt”. Close the saved text file.

Open another blank Excel worksheet. Enter the following function in cell B3:

The Excel worksheet  appears as follows:

The “FALSE” in cell B3 means that the import isn’t active.

Now import the text file:

  • Open the Import Wizard.
  • Select Textfile as file format.
  • Locate the “Rename elements.txt” file.
  • Leave the other settings as they are, and click Next.

If the import is successful, click Finish.

In Modeler you will see that the renaming of element “Customer1” into “Miller” and  “Customer6” into “Smith” was successful.