Import to Delete Elements


You can use the function PALO.EDELETE to delete elements. It uses the same options as described in connection with the import of text files.

In the database “Demo”, create the dimension “Customers” with the elements “Customer1” to “Customer6”. Delete any other existing elements in this dimension. Let’s assume that the customers “Customer2” and “Customer5” have bought nothing from us in the last two years. Therefore we would like to remove them from the database. We can do that with the PALO.EDELETE-function:

Proceed as follows:
With “Jedox – Paste Elements”, enter all base elements of “Customers” into a new Excel-worksheet, in column A, beginning with cell A1.
Enter “yes” in the cells B2 and B5.
Now save the worksheet as a text file.
Name the file, e.g., “Delete elements.txt”.
Close the saved text file.

Open another blank Excel workbook. Enter the PALO.EDELETE function in cell C3 as follows:

Deletion is only carried out if “yes” is in the import cell “B1”.
In this case, the element with the name of the customer in cell “A1” is deleted.

Your worksheet then looks as follows:

Now import the text file:

  • Open the  Import Wizard
  • Select Flat Text File as file format.
  • Search for the “Delete elements.txt” file.
  • Leave the other settings, and click “Next”.

The import is executed row by row. When “Customer2” is shown, the formula returns “True”.

If the import is successful, click “Finish”.

In Modeler you will see that the customer “Customer2” and the customer “Customer5” have been deleted, as desired.