UpperLower Function


The UpperLower function checks or changes an input field.



Possible values:

  • UPPER: text is changed into uppercase letters.
  • LOWER: text is changed into lowercase letters.
  • FIRSTCASE: returns the first value in preceding rows that is case-insensitively equal to the input value.


Possible values: true/false. If true, checks whether in preceding rows a value has occurred that is case-insensitively equal to the input value. In that case, a warning is raised. The option has no influence on the result of the function.
Normalize Unicode


Normalizes the input string according to the Unicode equivalence. This means that strings which represent the same sequence of abstract characters but have distinct visual appearances can get a unique representation by applying the normalization form NFKC (Normalization Form Compatibility Composition).
Input Normalized Input
m2 m2 m2 m2

The option FIRSTCASE is particular useful to assure data quality in cube loads with drillthrough scenarios. The result of the function depends in this case on the order of the rows.

The operation Normalize Unicode is similar to the behavior of Jedox OLAP database. It does not  differentiate between dimension elements identical on ICU comparison level 2. That means it’s not possible to have, for example, the elements “m2” and “m2” in one dimension.