Lucanet Connection


This connection lets you extract cube and dimension information from a LucaNet database.

The following connection parameters for the Lucanet Financial OLAP Server are required:

Main Settings


The host name (DNS name) or the IP address of the server on which the database is located.


The TCP/IP port number used by the database.

User Name:

User name for the connection to the database.


Password for the connection to the database.


Name, schema, or instance of the relational database.

Advanced Settings

SSL Mode:

Verify: the certificate is verified.
Trust: the certificate is imported to the keystore if not yet available.
Off: no connection with HTTPS is possible

The data extraction is done with the extract types dimension and cube. In case of cube, you have to specify every dimension with “Query Filters on Dimensions” (e.g. Dimension1 like …, Dimension2 like …, …).

Hierarchies extracted with dimension extracts are always flat and don’t contain attributes.

For more information on Lucanet see: