Employee Dimension

Elements in the Employee dimension are planning entities for human resources planning and reporting. The planning entities can be either single individuals or groups of employees with uniform properties. The employee dimension is an arbitrary hierarchy breaking down the staff to the planning items. The total element must be All Employees.

Mandatory elements in this dimension are:



All Employees

Root element summarizing all base elements, showing 100% of the staff.


The NA (not applicable) element of the dimension, which holds data that is not broken down by employee. Must be child of All Employees. This is also the default write element of this dimension


Grouping of unexpected elements found during data load. Must be child of All Employees. This is the default parent element of this dimension.

This dimension must have additional base elements to hold data that is broken down by employee.

The employee elements can be configured through their attributes:




Readable name of the employee. This attribute is visible in the report. There is no hard-coded behavior implemented on this name. (string)


Combination of element name, a dash (“ – “), and the localized name attribute. (calculated, string)


Long text for the employee. This attribute can contain additional information on the employee or group of employees, or instructions for the planners. Localized translations can be provided. (string)

Last Name

Last name of the employee. Empty for groups of employees. (string)


Surname of the employee. Empty for groups of employees. (string)


First day of employment in the Excel date encoding. Empty for groups of employees. (string)


Last day of employment in the Excel date encoding. Empty if the employment is unlimited and for groups of employees. (string)


Base element in the Region dimension (string)

Employee Category

Base element in the Employee Category dimension (string)


E-mail address of the employee (string)


Current manager of the employee. Should be the element name of another element in this dimension. (string)

Please note that the organizational localization of the employee to a legal entity or cost center is not expressed through the attributes, because this can change over time. The employees are located by having nonzero values in the measures Headcount and FTE for a specific combination of legal entity and cost center at a given month.