Designer Mode and User Mode


Two modes are available in a Jedox Spreadsheet: Designer Mode and User Mode.

Designer Mode is used to create a worksheet with formulas, formats, etc. The cells available for data input in User Mode are then specified by selecting ‘Locked’ or ‘Unlocked’ (Under Format – Cells… – Protection – Lock Cells).

In User Mode you can now work with this spreadsheet. You may only enter data into cells that are ‘unlocked’. Other than this, you may not make any changes to the spreadsheet in User mode, nor can you switch to other sheets. Also, links to other worksheets are not executed in User Mode. To test cells that leave the current sheet, the Reports module must be used.

You can switch to User Mode under View:

This command is also available as a button on the toolbar:

The Close button in User Mode will take you back to Designer Mode:
At the bottom right-hand side in the Jedox Spreadsheet worksheet, you will see the mode that you are currently in:



As long as a worksheet is open in User Mode, Designer Mode is suspended for this worksheet.

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