Description of Jedox Web


Jedox Web is a web application that allows users to access different content available in Jedox, such as reports, In-Memory databases, Integrator projects for importing and exporting data, and more. Jedox Web is accessed by navigating to the address of a Jedox Cloud, or on-premise environment in a web browser.

The content in Jedox Web is structured in panels which can be accessed using the navigation pane on the left side after logging in. The panels are:

  • Reports (for end users of designed reports)
  • Report Designer (for creating new and modifying existing web reports and other files)
  • Modeler (for managing In-Memory databases)
  • Integrator (for managing projects to import and export data)
  • Scheduler (to manage recurring tasks in Jedox)
  • My Models (to view, install, and uninstall Models)
  • Marketplace (to see Models available for installation)
  • Administration (to administer the Jedox environment, manage users etc.)

Note: you must have a premium version and the required rights to see all the panels above. 

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