Deleting Data


There are two ways to delete values in a cube: splashing with #0 in a Jedox view and using the “Clear cube…” command in Modeler.

Splashing with #0

In spreadsheet reports, you can delete a single base cell value by writing back a zero in this specific cell. Alternatively, you can use the splashing command #0 to write back zeros to a parent cell and all its children at once.

“Clear cube…” command 

If you right-click on a cube in the Modeler, you can select “Clear cube…” from the context menu:

In next dialog, you can either select “Clear All” or specify individual elements to clear by double-clicking on a dimension.

The screenshot below shows the selection of the year “2018”:

Click OK to return to the “Clear cube” dialog window. If your selection is not correct, click the “Reset Selection” button. If your selection is correct, click the “Clear selection” button. You will receive a message as soon as the procedure is complete. The larger the selection or cube, the longer clearing can take (up to a few minutes).

You may need to refresh an existing view to see that your “Clear cube …” command was successful.

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