Data Manager Report (Financial Consolidation)


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The Data Manager report provides a procedure to initialize data in current reporting period based on the prior reporting period. 

Report Heading

The report heading updates dynamically as various reporting options are selected. Below it shows the scope for Actual, 2018-12_YTD.

The logo can be changed in Administration; see Configuring Design Elements for more on report design. You can select your base elements in the combo boxes below the report heading:

The Version dimension separates actual figures from planning figures, see full article. The Month_YTD dimension accumulates float values from the beginning of the calendar year to the current date, while respectively holding the final figure for stock values.

Data Management Tools

The Bring Balances Forward button is described below:

Button Description Implementation
Bring Balances Forward

Brings the closing balance of the previous reporting period to the opening balance of the current reporting period:

Copies balance sheet amounts from the closing transaction type of the prior reporting period to the opening transaction type of the current reporting period. The current reporting period is identified by the Version and Month_YTD selection. The prior reporting period the combination of the previous version and the prior period.
Examples (depending on the configuration):
The prior reporting period of Budget 2021-03_YTD is Forecast 6+6, 2020-12_YTD.
The prior reporting period of Forecast 6+6 2020-12_YTD is Actual 2019-12_YTD.

The procedure operates only on the collected separate financial statements. For balance sheet accounts using the Historic conversion type the converted amounts are brought forward as well.


Runs the xdac30_40_Bring balances forward_loop job from the Data Management Integrator project.
The job is executed with the following parameters:
xfss05_SolutionDatabase: The database name (without connection)
xdpj03_Version_pattern: Selected version in quotes (e.g. to allow for a plus sign) and as RegEx pattern
xdpj03_Month_YTD_pattern: RegEx pattern denoting the yyyy consolidated element or one single yyyy-MM_YTD element.
The procedure identifies the previous version by the Previous Version attribute of the selected element in the Version dimension and the Prior Period attribute of the selected element in the Month_YTD dimension.
The procedures processes data from the slice  Transaction Type:T000, Consolidation:Local GAAP, Scope:~, Balance Sheet_measure:Value and the LC and historic converted amounts in the Currency dimension. Data is written to the T999 (Closing) element of the Transaction Type dimension.
For BS Account elements having the Conversion Type attribute set to Historic also the currency converted amounts for all target currencies (e.g. > USD) are copied to the  historic converted base elements (e.g. USD_Historic) in the Currency dimension.