Customizing User Login


Banner message after user login

As of Jedox 2020.1, administrators can define a message that appears at the top of the Start screen after users log in. They can then dismiss the message by clicking the X, and it will not be shown again until the message changes.

Banner message after login

To implement this feature, you must create a new Settings key called studio.banner (see example below). The Value field defines the message to be shown; the Description field is optional.

Login screen message

You can define a message that will be shown to each user on the Jedox Web login screen. To do this, adjust the key called motd (short for “Message of the day”) in Administration → Settings → Login. Set the message you want to show as value for this key. You can use some simple HTML formatting in the message, such as inserting line breaks by using the <br /> tag. 

The gif below shows the motd key being set to “Good morning Jedox users!”

Customizing the login screen

You can personalize the login screen with text, images, colors, etc. The default files for the login screen are called head.php and body.php and are located in the folder <install_path>\httpd\app\docroot\ui\login\inc. The file head.php controls what you see in the browser tab, and body.php controls the look of the login screen, as indicated in the screenshot below:

In the example above, we changed the header from the default “Jedox Web – Login” to “Bikers Best – Login”. Then we modified the body with a different logo, and we removed the copyright text and default links. 

Note: to prevent your customized login screen from being overwritten during a Jedox software upgrade, you should make copies of these files and rename the copies. For example change  head.php to custom_head.php and body.php to custom_body.php. Then make a small change to the configuration file config.php, telling it to look for custom login files with the new name (in this case, the prefix “custom”). Open the file <install_path>\httpd\app\etc\config.php in an editor and change the line


and save your changes.

Unsupported browser warning

Users who connect to Jedox Web from an unsupported browser will by default receive a warning message:

You can disable this warning message in Administration → Settings → Login. Double-click the key disable_browser_check and set the value to “true”. Click OK to finish.

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