Customer Dimension

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The Customer dimension breaks sales figures down by the customer hierarchy into single customers. The hierarchy between the root element All Customers and the individual customer can be organized in an arbitrary way to match the reporting requirements.

Mandatory elements in this dimensions are:



All Customers

Root element summarizing all customers showing 100% of the sales-related figures.


The NA (not applicable) element of the dimension to hold data that is not broken down by customer. Must be child of All Customers. This is also the default write element of this dimension


Grouping of unexpected elements found during data load. Must be child of All Customers. This is the default parent element of this dimension.

The dimension must have additional base elements to hold data which is broken down by customer.

The customer elements can be configured through their attributes:




Readable name of the customer. Localized translations can be provided. This attribute is visible in the report. There is no hard-coded behavior implemented on this name. (string)


Combination of element name, a dash (“ – “), and the localized name attribute. (calculated, string)


Readable name of a customer’s city


Latitude of a customer’s location


Longitude of a customer’s location