CubeSliceCopy Load


With this load type, you can copy the values from one cube slice to another in an Integrator job. It can also perform “like” operations. The new load will execute the copy operation in the In-Memory DB itself, without first reading values.

Main Settings
Data Source: The source can be the data from an extract or transform. The first column of the source must contain the names of the dimension elements of the cube. The last column contains the value that is written in the cube cell. If there is more than one row in the source, then the dimension will have multiple elements.
Target Connection: Connection to Jedox In-Memory DB
Target Cube: Cube in the Jedox In-Memory DB
Copy mode: copy: copies values from one cube slice to another.
copyLike: copies values from one cube slice, including their distribution on the base level, to another cube slice.
Read rule-based values
If set, all rule-based cell values are extracted. In case of zero values:

  • If “empty cells” is set to “excludeEmpty”, then the zero value is extracted.
  • If “empty cells” is set to “excludeEmptyAndZero”, then the zero value is NOT extracted.
Dimension Mapping

In the Dimension Mapping table, any dimension of the cube can be assigned for each source column, and new names can be assigned to the columns. To skip a column (thus preventing it from being loaded to the cube), use the entry “”.

The dimension order remains the same as in the source and cannot be changed. Note that the last source column is not displayed in the Dimension Mapping table, as it is designated for the cube cell value.

By default, if no Dimension Mapping is given, the names of the cube dimensions are entirely defined by the names of the source column names. In this case, the number of dimensions must be equal to the number of columns in the source, minus 1.