Creation and Handling of Attributes


In Modeler, in the section Attributes of a [Dimension name] Dimension Properties, you can create / handle attributes of a dimension element in an easy way. For the description we select the dimension Products of the DB Demo in the Modeler and click on the tab “Products Dimension Properties” . We expand the Attributes area, as shown in the screenshot below:

As first example we add the attribute “GPU” by pressing the button (+).
Please enter the following entries:

By using the button (…) in column Domain you can select „Boolean“ as type:

As type you can also select the shown values. Most attribute domain types are self-explanatory. The types „List of values“ and „Subset“ you can define yourself after the selection.

The „DefaultValue“ entry will be used when you add new elements in the tab „Elements“.

After we have made the shown entries, we receive in tab „Elements“ the following screen and we can set checkmarks for the products which contain a GPU:

As next attribute we add the attribute Price:

As type we set „Float range“ with values between 2 and 60000:

„Float range“ allows decimal numbers, but in this dialog you can only enter integers (this will be extended in a future Jedox version).

The specified range will only be supervised if entries are made in Modeler in tab “Elements”:

If entries are made in „Paste View“ dialogs of Excel Add-in or Jedox Spreadsheet, they will not be monitored (the monitoring in „Paste View“ dialogs will be implemented in a future Jedox version).

For deletion of an attribute please select one row and click then the wastepaper basket:

The entries of an existing attribute you can edit with double click on the corresponding row.