Cost Object Dimension


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The Cost Object dimension breaks the figures down by an arbitrary hierarchy (e.g. products or projects). The hierarchy between the root element All Cost Objects and the individual cost objects can be organized to match organizational requirements.

Mandatory elements in this dimensions are as follows:



All Cost ​Objects

Root element summarizing all base elements, showing 100% of the business.


The NA (not applicable) element of the dimension to hold data that are not broken down by cost object. Must be a child of All Cost Objects. This is also the default write element of this dimension.


Grouping of unexpected elements found during the data load. Must be a child of All Cost Objects. This is the default parent element of this dimension.

The dimension must have additional base elements to hold data that is not broken down by cost object.

The cost object elements can be configured through their attributes:

 Attribute   Definition
Name  Readable name of the cost object. Localized translations can be provided. This attribute is visible in the report. There is no hard-coded behavior implemented in this name. (string)
ID_Name  Combination of the element name a dash (“ – “) and the localized name attribute. (calculated, string)
Manager Should contain the responsible manager, at least for the base elements.
Article  If the cost object hierarchy is used for products the related item in the Article dimension can be stored in this attribute. Otherwise this attribute should remain empty. This attribute is used for the integration of sales figures into the Profit Center cube.