Copying Reports from the Workflow Building Block to a Custom Application

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The Workflow building block comes with reports to configure and run the workflow. To use these as part of your custom application, you have to copy the files to your custom application. This article assumes you have already established your own custom application with the root folder \\Default\<yourapplicationame>. The files shipped with the Workflow building block should be stored in the folder \\Default\<yourapplicationame>\Workflow.

Export the files from the Workflow building block to a *.pb file. First go to Report DesignerModels, then right click on  Workflow and choose Export.

The pop up window prompts you to save the files as a *.pb file.

Create a Workflow folder in your root folder with New → New folder

Then right-click on the folder you have created, and import.

Import the *.pb file you exported from the Workflow Building Block.

Here is what your folder should look like:

The folder contains some subfolders that were part of the deployment of the Workflow building block. These are not required in the custom application and can be deleted:

Your report transfer is now complete!