XML File Connection


With XMLFile connection, an XML-structured file can be specified. 

Main Settings


See Locations for File-based Connections

File Name:

Name of the file in XML format.
The syntax of the filename is location-specific. More info in article Locations for File-based Connections.

Advanced Settings


The most prevalent character encodings are UTF-8 (default), ASCII, and latin1 (Windows standard).
A list of all character codes can be found at: http://docs.oracle.com/javase/6/docs/technotes/guides/intl/encoding.doc.html.
From this list you can also manually enter a character code into the field “Encoding”.

 XSD Schema File:

If set, the XML file is validated against the XSD Schema. For extracts, this is done for the existing XML file; for loads, this is done against the created XML file.

XSD Validation:

Defines the behavior in case of a validation error against the XSD Schema:

  • none : no reaction
  • info : an info message appears
  • warning: a warning Message appears
  • error: an error message appears