Connections Overview


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The first step of a Jedox Integrator project is always to specify the connections with a source or target system for importing or exporting data.

The most important data output usually comes from relational databases in which transaction data are saved, such as MySQL. Any established relational database management system (RDBMS) can be connected to Jedox Integrator (ETL) as a source. The connection is done via a specific JDBC driver.

Database-specific options for the connection can be set by adding parameters to the table “Additional JDBC parameters”. They are added to the generated JDBC URL. Please refer to the documentation of the database vendor for a list of possible values.

In all file-based connection types (File, XmlFile, and ExcelFile), the URL of the file in the Designer can be entered as a filename. So, to extract data from CSV, XML, or XLSX files, you can use the Import Wizard in the Designer for the upload. The URL target of the file can be copied from the Designer under Properties→Link. It must include the credentials.