File (CSV) Connection


Jedox Integrator can import or export structured text files, known as flat files or CSV files (comma-separated-value files).

Main Settings


See Locations for File-based Connections

File Name:

Name of the file in CSV format.
The syntax of the filename is location-specific. More info in article Locations for Filebased Connections.

Header (true or false):

If set, the entries of the first line are used as column headers.

Data Delimiter:

Separators between the columns in the text file, e.g. “,”.

  • Tab as data delimiter: \t
  • For blank value (” “) as data delimiter: #space
  • semicolon
  • comma

Any other string is also valid.

Enclosure Character:

The enclosure character of the columns. Possible enclosure characters are:

  • #none (no enclosures)
  • double quotes (“)
  • single quotes (‘)
Advanced Settings


The most prevalent character encodings are “UTF-8” (default), “ASCII”, and “latin1” (Windows standard).

A list of all character codes can be found at
From this list you can also enter manually a character code into the field ‘Encoding’. Note that this connection only supports file encodings as provided by the Java Runtime Environment.

Use Escape Character:

If set, the character “\” invokes an alternative interpretation of the subsequent character. 
Example: “1\”Hello\”2” is interpreted as 1”Hello”2