Connection to Qlik QVX File


QVX (QlikView data eXchange) is a proprietary file format for high-performance data input into the Data Discovery Software QlikView and QlikSense. With this connection type, a file in the QVX format can be specified.

Main settings


The location of the file with following options:

  • File System
  • URL
  • Report Designer

File name

The QVX File can be given as:

  • A filename with an absolute path on the Filesystem of the Server, e.g.  C:\Users\xyz\Sample.qvx
  • A filename with relative path to the “data” directory of the Jedox Integrator Installation (default: .\tomcat\webapps\etlserver\data\files).
    Example: …\samples\Sample.qvx
  • A file residing on a network drive (see instructions in article Accessing Network Files), e.g.  //net1/Sample.qvx
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