Qlik Connection


This component defines a connection to Qlik Sense, the business intelligence and visualization software. For this connection, a Qlik Connector License is required.

The following ports must be open for the Qlik APIs to work correctly:

  • 4239
  • 4242
  • 4243
  • 4747
  • 4748

Note: Qlik Sense Desktop is not supported.

To connect to the Qlik Sense server, a virtual proxy must be created in the Qlik Management Console (QMC). To access it, enter the URL for your Qlik Sense server followed by /qmc/, e.g. https://qlik.server.local/qmc/.

  1. In the left-side navigation pane, click on Virtual Proxies, which is under the CONFIGURE SYSTEM heading.
  2. Click “Create new” button at the bottom of the page and specify the basic info settings according to your requirements.
  3. Select Authentication from the Properties list on the right. For Authentication method, select Header authentication Dynamic User Directory. Jedox authentication only works with this option.
  4. Specify “Header authentication header name” and “Header authentication dynamic user directory” as indicated below:
  5. Click “Apply” button. Qlik Sense server will show a warning dialog that indicates that the virtual proxy will be restarted. Click yes at the prompt.
  6. Now there is a menu item on the right called Associated items. Click on Proxies and and then click the Link button. Select Central create a link between the newly created virtual proxy and the central proxy. Under the right panel “Associated Items/Proxies”, the user can define link to the Central proxy. (This panel is not activated until the virtual proxy is applied in Step 5, above.)

After these steps, Jedox Integrator will be able to connect the Qlik server instance with predefined parameters.

Main Settings

Qlik Sense Host:

Virtual proxy to the Qlik Sense server


Name of the Qlik Sense user

User directory name:

Name of the Qlik Sense user directory

User directories can be found in https://qlikServer/qmc/users.

Important: if the Domain Active Directory is not set up correctly, Qlik extracts will not be able to return any data, even if a connection is successful.


Advanced Settings

SSL Mode:

Verify: the certificate is verified.
Trust: the certificate is imported to the keystore if not yet available.
Off: no SSL used.