PowerBI Connection


This component defines a connection to Microsoft’s Power BI, a business analytics service. This connection is then used in a PowerBI Load to load the data from Jedox into Power BI, where it can be used for analysis and visualization.

To use Power BI, you must have an active subscription to Office 365 with Power BI and a Power BI license from Jedox.

The connection requires two steps:

  1. Creating an app in Azure Active Directory that enables Jedox to communicate securely with Power BI
  2. Creating an PowerBI connection in Jedox Integrator

Note: the Power BI API has some limitations, including an hourly limit of 1,000,000 rows per dataset. Please refer to Microsoft’s documentation on Power BI REST API Limitations for details.

1. Setting up the Azure Active Directory app

To connect to a Power BI instance from Jedox, you must first create an application (app) in Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). This can be done from one of the following Microsoft links: 

When you set up the app, you should apply the following settings:

  • The application type must be native/client-native. 
  • Set the sign-on URL to http://localhost (this sign-on URL is not used with native apps).
  • Select “Power BI Service” as the API. If this option is not on the list, then you probably don’t have a license for it.
  • For permissions, select all delegated permissions except those that require admin consent.
  • Copy the Application ID (Client ID) for use in the next step, setting up the PowerBI connection in Jedox Integrator.

For details, please refer to Microsoft Azure App Services Documentation. 

2. Setting up the PowerBI connection in Jedox Integrator

Main Settings

Azure Application ID:

The application ID in Azure Active Directory (also called App ID or Client ID), as established in step 1 above.

Group Name:

Name of the Power BI group. The group’s workspace will be the target of Power BI loads. If no group is specified, the default workspace of the user is used.

User Name:

Power BI user name (Microsoft Office 365 user name)


Power BI user password

Advanced Settings

SSL Mode:

Verify: the certificate is verified.
Trust: the certificate is imported to the keystore if not yet available.
Off: no SSL used.

For more information, see https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/active-directory/active-directory-integrating-applications.

Sample PowerBI connection in Jedox: