MySQL/MariaDB Connection


Allows you to connect to a MySQL Server. You can also use this connection type to connect with the relational database management system MariaDB.

Note: MySQL 8 users require a change to their default authentication type. It must be changed from “caching_sha2_password” to “Standard”.

Main Settings


Embedded: MySQL is running as a local file-based database engine. As connection parameter, only database is required. It has to be set to the path of the database folder.

Server: MySQL is running in Client-Server mode.


The host name (DNS name) or the IP address of the server on which the database is located.


The TCP/IP port number used by the database.

User Name:

User name for the connection to the database.


Password for the connection to the database.


Name, schema, or instance of the relational database.

Advanced Settings:
Fetch Mode:

For a MySQL database, you can adjust the fetch mode as follows:

  • Buffered (default): the query result is returned with buffering.
  • Full: MySQL returns the query result in one block. This is potentially slower, with higher memory consumption.

Additional JDBC parameters can be set in advanced settings.


  • In MySQL Server, the timeout parameter (wait_timeout) has to be set sufficiently high to avoid errors during the execution of long-running jobs (e.g. “Communications link failure” error).
  • In MySQL Server 8.0 or higher after user creation privileges have to be granted in My SQL in order to use this connection type.