MySQL Connection


Allows you to connect to a MySQL Server.

Note: You can also connect with the relational database management system MariaDB.

Main Settings


The host name (DNS name) or the IP address of the server on which the database is located.


The TCP/IP port number used by the database.

User Name:

User name for the connection to the database.


Password for the connection to the database.


Name, schema, or instance of the relational database.

Advanced Settings:
Fetch Mode:

For a MySQL database, you can adjust the fetch mode as follows:

  • Buffered (default): the query result is returned with buffering.
  • Full: MySQL returns the query result in one block. This is potentially slower, with higher memory consumption.

Additional JDBC parameters can be set in advanced settings.


  • In MySQL Server, the timeout parameter (wait_timeout) has to be set sufficiently high to avoid errors during the execution of long-running jobs (e.g. “Communications link failure” error).
  • In MySQL Server 8.0 or higher after user creation privileges have to be granted in My SQL in order to use this connection type.