Access File Connection


Microsoft Access databases can be accessed for read and write access with a connection of type “Access”. Current MS Access versions up to MS Access 2016 are supported. Parallel job access is not possible due to restrictions of Microsoft Access Driver.

Main Settings

Database File:

The full path to the Access database file (accdb file)


Password for the connection to the database (optional)

Note: the Access connection internally uses the UCanAccess JDBC driver with following implications:

  • Column names are changed in the UCanAccess Jdbc to uppercase. This is required for the JDBC internal algorithm. This may change in newer versions of the JDBC; please refer to
  • Some special characters in column names (e.g “?”) will be replaced with the underscore character. Some enhancements are planned to avoid this in newer versions of the JDBC.
  • There are some limitations in the SQL function IIF: Not all of the types are supported as 2nd and 3rd arguments.
  • For huge database files, by adding parameter memory=false the memory usage is lower but establishing a connection requires more time-