Connection to Access File


Microsoft Access databases can be accessed for read and write access with a connection of type “Access”. Current MS Access versions up to MS Access 2016 are supported.

Main Settings

Database File:

The full path to the Access database file (accdb file)


Password for the connection to the database (optional)

Note: the Access connection internally uses the UCanAccess JDBC driver with following implications:

  • Column names are changed in the UCanAccess Jdbc to uppercase. This is required for the JDBC internal algorithm. This may change in newer versions of the JDBC; please refer to
  • Some special characters in column names (e.g “?”) will be replaced with the underscore character. Some enhancements are planned to avoid this in newer versions of the JDBC.
  • There are some limitations in the SQL function IIF: Not all of the types are supported as 2nd and 3rd arguments.