Tableau TDE File Connection


TDE (Tableau Data Extract) is a proprietary file format for high performance data input into the data visualization software Tableau. With this connection type, a file in the TDE format can be specified.

For this connection a “Tableau Connector License” is required.

The Load Tableau TDE File allows you to load data into files of the .tde file format used by Tableau. Additionally, you can publish data loaded into such a file to a Tableau Server from the same load.

Note: to use this component, the corresponding “Tableau SDK for C/C++/Java” has to be installed on the system where Jedox is running. PATH variable should point to the “bin” folder of the SDK; besides that, environment variables TAB_SDK_LOGDIR and TAB_SDK_TMPDIR can also be set to the desired paths. To install SDK and for more information about installation steps for Windows/Linux, please see Tableau documentation:

Main Settings


The TDE file can be given as:

  • A filename with an absolute path on the file system of the server, e.g.  C:\Users\xyz\Sample.tde
  • A filename with relative path to the data directory of the Jedox Integrator Installation (default: .\tomcat\webapps\etlserver\data\files)
    Example: …\samples\Sample.tde
  • A file residing on a network drive (see instructions in article Accessing Network Files).
    Example: //net1/Sample.tde

Note: when using a TDE file connection, no “View” from Tableau Desktop may use the file at the same time (for Tableau Server, this restriction doesn’t apply).