Tableau Server Connection


Jedox Integrator currently supports connections to Tableau 10.5 and later. The connector can be used with the Tableau REST API. Tableau .tde files are no longer supported; the connector only supports .hyper files.

For this connection a Tableau Connector License is required.


  • To use this component, the Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 has to be installed on the system where Jedox is running. Tableau SDK and Tableau Extract API must be downloaded and unzipped, and the respective file path of the bin folders must be added to the system “path” variable. Please refer to Tableau’s documentation.
  • Existing TDE file connections will be automatically migrated to TableauHyperFile connections, but the file extension must be manually changed from *.tde to *.hyper.
  • Logs can be read by adding environment variables TAB_SDK_LOGDIR and TAB_SDK_TMPDIR to the desired paths, if desired.

See also TableauHyperFile Connection and Tableau Load.


Main Settings


The host name (DNS name) or the IP address of the server on which the database is located.


The TCP/IP port number used by the database.

User Name:

User name for the connection to the database.


Password for the connection to the database.

Site ID:

Name, schema, or instance of the relational database.

REST API version

The version of the Tableau REST API.

Advanced Settings

SSL Mode:

Verify: the certificate is verified.
Trust: the certificate is imported to the keystore if not yet available.
Off: no SSL used.

Note: for the use of SSL, please see corresponding articles on Tableau.