SAP Connection


For connection to a SAP system, the corresponding ETL project requires a connection of type “SAP”. A SAP user with user type “System” should be used, “Dialog” users are also possible. The necessary authorizations for this user can be found in detail in the article SAP Authorizations.

Main settings
Host The host name or the IP address of the SAP application server.
System Number The two-digit system number (sysnr) of the SAP system.
Client The client of the SAP system. It is a three-digit number.
Username The SAP logon user ID that the connection will use to log on to the SAP system.
Password The password for the SAP logon user.
Language The language of the SAP system.
Advanced settings
SAProuter String The SAProuter string that is configured in the SAP logon. The string has the format /H/<IP-address>/H/.
For example: /H/

Click on the Test button to see whether the connection is established correctly.


  • If the SAP transport packages for SAP Netweaver 6.40 to 7.30 have been installed, the SAP user has to use the default value for the decimal notation in the SAP system. Verify (using transaction SU01) that the decimal notation for the SAP user is set to “1.234.567,89”. For the newer SAP transport packages no manual change is necessary here.
  • The timeout of connections to SAP is defined by the SAP profile parameter rdisp/max_wprun_time (Maximum work process run time profile parameter), to be defined inside of the SAP system.