SAP HANA Connection


Connects to a SAP HANA database via JDBC.

Main settings


The host name (DNS name) or the IP address of the server on which the database is located.


The TCP/IP port number used by the database.


User name for the connection to the database.


Password for the connection to the database.


Name, schema, or instance of the relational database.

Additional JDBC parameters can be set in advanced settings.

For the connection to a SAP Business Warehouse powered by SAP HANA system via this connection type, it is necessary to generate the SAP HANA views from the BW Objects (e.g. Infocubes and DataStore objects). For more information, see the article Generating SAP HANA Views from the BW System.

Note: SAP HANA connection support extracting and loading of data. It can be used in extract types Relational, RelationalTable and load types Relational and RelationalSQL provided the necessary authorisations available in the HANA database.